C4500 & C5500 Rear Door Removal

Tools Needed:
T-35 Torx

                                 Wooden Shim or Trim Tool
Screw Drivers
Rear Door Panel

Start the rear door removal by locating the two torx in the door handle.  Remove the door handle torx and place the handle and fasteners to the side.  Then remove the  access panel that surrounds the door latch.  With the trim piece removed you will have access to remove the last two fastener.  

Door clips

Above you can see the nine push clips that now hold the door panel in place.  The easiest way to remove them is with a clip removal tool.  If you do not have access to the tool another good way is with a wooden shim.  Just insert the small end of the shim and slowly push it in.  The shim will evenly push on the panel safely removing the clips.

Door removed

With the panel off you only have to remove the plastic barrier to gain access to everything from window regulators to the speakers.  With the door removed it is a good time to address some of the rattles the vehicle has.  The easiest thing to do is apply a sound deadener to the doors.  By far the largest rattle though is the door locks themselves.  I will address how to fix this issue in another section.  



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