Link Cabmate Air Ride Cab

Link Cabmate Air Ride Cab Air Suspension

Overall:  8.5  This is a great modification for anyone who ever drives their truck unloaded.  The difference is night and day.  Installation can be done in a drive way by
yourself in about a day.  Look for installation instructions in the modifications section.  

Fit: 10  Installation was very smooth.  On something of this nature I expect a few holes to need filed or a new hole drilled.  Such was not the case with this kit.  Everything bolted up without a single issue.

Finish:  7  In general the finish on this kit was pretty good.  There were some small issues with paint but nothing that could not be corrected with a little touch up.  The serial number  plate also fell off in shipping but that was an easy fix.  The only component I feel could be be improved was the cab to solenoid linkage arm.  I would sleep better better if it were made of steel, but the plastic one does seem to be holding up fine.

Performance:  9  
Our vehicle now has tapered springs, air-ride seats, and the air cab.  It rides better on most roads than several cars I have owned.  On large sharp bumps it is still harsh but under everyday driving this kit made a huge difference.  It makes the truck ride like it is loaded.  The only reason I did not rate the kit a 10 from a performance stand point is the bit of extra sway the kit produces in high wind or cornering.   While it is equipped with a sway bar the ride could have a little less roll.  



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