Phoenix Stainless Steel Front Axle Covers

Phoenix Axle Covers Stainless

Overall:  8.5  This is a great modification to dress up your truck for a fairly low price.  You can order these direct from Monroe or from someplace like Summit Racing under their part numbers of PHO-CO23SS for the front wheel covers, and PHO-SP27 for the lug nut covers.  You will need to order 32 covers if you wish to do all 4 wheels.

Fit: 10  Installation was very smooth.  With these covers there is no need to even remove the wheels making installation both safe and convenient.

Finish:  7  Finish on the axle covers was flawless.  No extra polishing was needed and all the edges were rolled and de-burred.  The lug nut covers were another story though.  Over half of them were only polished to a brushed finish and required additional polishing.  

Performance:  NA

Swench manual impact wrench

To install these covers you will need to remove four of the eight lug nuts.  For this task you will need an impact wrench or something similar like the Swench pictured above.

Stainless Axle Covers Installed



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